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Technical Information Of Whatsapp:

Name of the application Whatsapp
Type of application Instant messaging
Developed by Whatsapp Inc
Founders Jan koum

Brain acton

The operating system that is supported Android, iOS, kaiOS windows,
Number of voters 53345737
number of downloads 1,000,000,00-5,000,000,000
Released on January 2009
iOS version 2.20.11
iOS beta version
Android version 2.20.11
Android beta version 2.20.14
Supported operating system Android, iOS, kaiOS, windows, macOS
Website Whatsapp.com
Latest update on 23 January 2020

New Features In WhatsApp

Splash Screen:

Whatsapp application provides a feature of splash screen for both android and iOS platforms. This application will splash the WhatsApp logo on the screen if the application launched for the first time. The application will be closed down first if it is running in the background and the logo will be in a dark mode.              

Supports Group Chats:

The WhatsApp application supports a feature of group chats. This feature allows the user to add more than 100 participants in a group as all the people are allowed to share photos, videos, any file.

Can Hear Voice Message During Calls:

There is a unique option that is provided by Whatsapp. That is, you can listen to the audio that you received in WhatsApp even at the time of phone calls.

Huge Collection Of Stickers:

Whatsapp application consists of stickers, and some stickers are in-built, and there can access without any downloads, and there are some stickers they need to download to make use. There is a massive set of stickers, GIF available in the application that helps the users to have fun while texting.

Starred Messages:

The WhatsApp application provides an option of starred messages. To store a particular message tap on star option then the messages will saved in the starred messages, and they can be accessed whenever the user needs.

Group Message Privately:

The latest update that done in the WhatsApp application regarding the group chats is group message privately to a particular person. There will be hundreds of people in the group, but you are allowed to message a particular person in the group.

Quick Response(QR) code:

QR code is a feature that helps a lot to install the application on the desktop, as it’s easy to share the mobile device code to desktop. Every WhatsApp has a unique QR code

Picture-in-Picture Mode:

Watsapp will support one of the novel features that are picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to watch a video in a small screen and results to do the background work on WhatsApp. For instance, if you have received a message from one of your contacts, then you can enable it in picture-in-picture mode and can also text the other people in the WhatsApp.

No Additional Charge For International Calls:

There is a feature that allows the users of WhatsApp to voice calls and video calls. The same criteria apply to international voice calls and video calls. There will be no additional cost charged on the international voice calls and video calls.

Fingerprint Lock:

Watsapp provided a new feature that is fingerprint as a lock. This feature not supported on the devices as galaxy S5, Samsung galaxy note 4, Samsung galaxy note 8. To activate the fingerprint feature on the WhatsApp application, go to settings, and activate fingerprint by providing it as the password. To open the WhatsApp application, you need to provide fingerprint as a password. To activate the fingerprint feature, go to settings> account> privacy> fingerprint lock.

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