Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions are another important aspect. As Terms and Conditions decide use of websites. Moreover it controls your use of content that convertersin.com offers. On this page you will know Terms and Use of convertersin.com website.

Apart from this. On this page we will refer convertersin.com website in different methods. Plus from now we will refer it as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘this website’. We may also refer this website as ‘our’, ‘this site’, ‘this’ or ‘site’. On other hand. It is best that you read this page carefully. Because we change our Terms and Conditions frequently.

When you ‘Agree’ to our Terms and Conditions. Then it means that you agree to all our Terms and Conditions. Therefore it is better that you read our T & C regularly. While here T & C means Terms and Conditions.

Changes in Terms of Use

We also have right to either cancel or suspend services. We may also discontinue our services any time. As these changes might be without any prior notice. However we will update changes on Terms of Use page. Thus it is better that you read this page every now and then. Moreover these terms affect convertersin.com website url home page.

Here all Terms of Use apply to individual readers. Additionally even visitors of this site come under the Terms and Conditions policy. Hence it is best for every person to read this page.

Termination of services

As we already informed you earlier. We may suspend our services. And because of this you cannot access any services. When these conditions apply. Then you will not have any prior notice also. Thus we advise you to keep reading Terms of Use.

Apart from this. You should also read Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of this website. So that you are aware of all changes. As these changes relate to PDF website.

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