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Screen Recorder

Screen recorder is a software tool that records screen of your computer, mobile, with high quality. However, it will capture high-quality video it may be full screen or a part of the screen.  It comes up with great features by recording applications, mouse cursor path and finally edits recorded videos.  It is helpful to record webinars, games, and Skype videos in HD.

Features of Screen Recorder

Smart capture

Screen recordings start capturing the screen when the mouse clicked or key is pressed. Each and every action that is performed on the screen is captured as a slide that explains in details.

Full Motion Recorders

Record the screen as a full motion video and insert a slide that can edit with voice-over, Zoom-n-pan, closed captions, and animation effects.

Microphones and speakers recorders

It records both the audio from the record system and audio from the microphone at a time while it records the screen.

Audio and Video Editing

It edits both audio and video records instantly without any loss of quality. It also supports some of the operations like cut, deleted, crop, join, split, blur, change volume, insert freeze frame.

How to record screen activities and mouse

You can record anything that you want to and can select the screen or capture full screen, or a video camera.  You can even add a microphone or music and can hear sound from the computer audio.

How to create and add animations to your screen recording

  • Here are some of the levels to customize your videos with these amazing animations
  • You can zoom the outline and highlight areas and add the images blurs.
  • You can arrows, lines and shapes and images.
  • Create changes for your videos.
  • it helps in changing colors, sizes and even fonts.
  • You can have an option to speed up and slow down the video that you want to.


Full-screen video recorder

  • Full-screen video recorder and a screenshot capture tool that can easily record the screen and captures anything which is on the screen including objects, full screen, and rectangular regions.
  • It helps to record all the activities on the screen which includes onscreen.
  • It will capture all multi-level menus.
  • It will resize, crop and rotate output images
  • Full screen video recorder will highlight your cursor path for getting clarity of images.
  • Saves the files in the form of BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG formats.


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