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 QR code Scanner

QR Code scanner is a perfect tool that is used to scan your QR codes anytime and anywhere. Nowadays you can see on flyers, posters, websites, applications, event ads, restaurant menus. These days it became simple and easy to generate, download and to scan your QR code. These are of two-dimensional barcode, in a black square dot on a white background that can be detected by an imaging device. These are stored in alphanumerical data and used to share information, Android Smartphone or tablet can be easily turned into a QR code reader. QR Code Scanner.


  • QR Scanner scans multiple formats which are in barcode and QR codes to detect the automatic decode their contents.
  • QR Bar Code scanners are very fast and easy to use; it is useful to DECODE text, URLs, ISBN, emails, calendar events by clicking through your Smartphone camera, image files, and online codes.
  • Once after decoding you will return to the webpage links, books, review, multimedia and calendar online information.
  • You can create QR Codes on your own and barcodes very fast.

Features of QR Barcode Scanner

Here are some of the features of barcode scanner codes given below. You can scan QR codes and Barcodes from

  • Camera
  • URLs
  • Image files

Create your own QR Codes encoding you need to have

  • email address
  • Phone numbers
  • contacts information
  • calendar events
  • simple texts
  • bookmarks

Share your QR codes through

  • Email
  • Text messages
  • social networks like Facebook, twitter, Flip board, Google plus.


How to Scan QR Codes with QR Stuff

You can use the camera to capture the QR Code where the payments can be done at gateways, tourism information, videos or any other QR code. If you want to scan any QR code you need to just point a camera at a point where QR code to be scanned.

How to use QR Code scanner

  • QR scanner is used to decrypt the data which is encrypted
  • You can use a mobile application in your mobile to decrypt the information which is in the form of QR code.


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