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Convertersin.com privacy policy for PDF tool software

On this page you will read Privacy Policy of Convertersin.com website. In addition Privacy Policy meaning is privacy statements. Thus you know privacy statements of Convertersin.com website. Here you understand about any kind of information that you give to the Convertersin.com website.

On other hand from now we will refer Convertersin.com website in different ways or methods. Therefore you can see words like ‘our’, ‘this’, ‘us’. Apart from this Convertersin.com website will refer as ‘this’, ‘our company’, ‘this website’, ‘we’, ‘this site’, ‘website’ or ‘site’. Plus you learn more about privacy policy. And use of this site privacy policy.

Points to remember

  • First we do not collect any personal details of individuals
  • In case you give any information
  • Then it will be after your consent only
  • Additionally information that you give us will never be sold or given to third party

However we use general information to improve your experience at this website. Because this makes our website more reader friendly. Besides this information helps to improve our services. Even customisation of services or content is possible. Finally you know what information do we collect.

Furthermore we check that information of users is in safe hands. So that no one can misuse this information. Now you can read to know about Privacy Policy of this site.


We do not collect information from readers. And we NEVER collect personal details or information of the readers. Therefore you do not be nervous. About collection of information to our website.

Use of cookies in our website

There is another important thing that you should know. And it is that we, that is our site uses cookies. As there are many uses of these cookies. However we do not link any information on these cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files. In addition they are not harmful. As when you browse net or some websites. In this case cookies place on computer. Thus you can see that there are cookies on your computer. And if you browse websites using mobiles. Then again you find cookies in your mobile phones. Or it can be smart phones as well.

Use of cookies

We use cookies on this cite. However cookies do not store passwords. On other hand if you reject cookies. Then also you can use this site. Plus we do not pass information to third party. But we do not have control over third party cookies. Finally we do not store any kind of cookies. Additionally our Privacy Policy does not cover advertisers cookies also.

On other hand. Cookies help us to improve website speed. So that you can share site pages in social networking sites like Facebook.

Zero registration fee

We do not charge any registration fee. And all converter software tools are free of cost here.

Contact Us

You can contact us for clarification or information. To reach us send email to info@convertersin.com

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