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Convert TXT to PNG|PNG to TXT

What is TXT?


Text is used to store the information which is in plain text without any specific fonts and sent styles.  Therefore, this file is used to record notes, directions and some other documents which are similar. If are in search of certain documents which consists of capabilities, such as report, newsletter, or resume than you need to look to  the .DOCX file which is used by the popular Microsoft Word program. Plain documents can be saved in TXT format that can open, edit by using a wide variety of text editing and word processing programs that was developed by Linux systems. All the .txt files of the ASCII text can be saved in the form of .txt documents which are in the small file sizes.  You can see many documents developed for various Linux distributions that help in creating, open and view the text content of these .txt files.


What is PNG?

PNG stands for “Portable Graphics Format”.  This is one of the most used uncompressed image formats on the internet.  Therefore, this lossless data is used to compress the format which creates to replace the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). PNG is an open format which does not have any copyrights and without any limitations.  Therefore, a GIF image, PNG has the ability to display all the clear backgrounds. However, PNG files are consists of 24-bit RGB color palettes and grayscale images.

PNG files are often used to store all the graphics on the websites and some of the operating system like macOS and UBuntu store all the screenshots which are in the form of PNG format.  PNG files are used over jpg and GIFs in web design and act as an open format, so these can be used without any license.

How to convert PNG file

You can easily convert PNG files to any another format which is popular which includes HPG, ICO, TIF, BMP, and GIF. This can be converted by using the free online converters.

Convert TXT to PNG

Steps to convert TXT to PNG are given below

  • Choose the file from your computer, Google Drive or from Dropbox.
  • You can even drag and drop the file which you want to convert in PNG format
  • Click on the convert button, and starts converting TXT file into PNG format.
  • You can download the converted file, downloaded file can sent to email.


Convert PNG to TXT

You can see some of easy steps that can convert PNG image into text format

  • Choose the file from your computer, Google Drive or from Dropbox.
  • You can even drag and drop the image to convert in Text format
  • Select the image file that you want to convert to Text format.
  • Click on the convert button, helps in converting the image PNG format into Text
  • You can even download the Text or can send an email.



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