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Convert PIX to GIF and GIF to PIX


To convert PIX to GIF and GIF files to image format then this tool will help you converting these files. Therefore, you can easily convert by using tools there is no software to install.

What is PIX?

An image is pictures used to create or copied and use to store in an electronic form. This image can be explained in two forms those are vector graphics or raster graphics. An image that is saved in the raster form is called as a bitmap.  The word image is used as a two-dimensional figure such as map, graph and in pie charts or in paintings.

What is GIF?

GIF is a Graphics Interchange format, also known as acronym GIF. GIF is in the form of bitmap image format that was developed by the team named as bulletin board services (BBS). Therefore, for each image, this format supports up to 8 bits and a single image that helps in referencing its own particular picture is of up to 256 different colors that have chosen from the 24-bit RGB color space. GIF supports animations and separates all the pictures up to 256 colors which are for each frame.
Animated GIFs are the quick and easy way that gives dynamic content and those are especially in web pages. When compare to dynamic content like Java and Flash this GIF files are smaller in size and you can download the browser easily and helps in faster browsing experience.

Convert PIX to GIF files

Some of the steps are given below to convert PIX to GIF

  • Firstly you have to choose a file from your computer
  • You can even select the file from Dropbox, Google Drive or can even copy the URL
  • Select the file name which you wish to convert
  • Select an image and click on the other button to add the file name which you wish to convert GIF
  • Download the converted file to GIF file
  • You can even send the downloaded links to all the email address
  • Click on the convert file

Convert GIF to PIX files

  • Firstly you need to upload the text files and select the file from the computer; Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or you can even drag the file on the page to convert.
  • Choose to PIX file, so you have an option to choose any format you need to.
  • Select the file type as GIF and click on the other button to add the file name which you wish to convert PNG
  • Download your JPG.


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