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A barcode is nothing but a machine-readable that represents the data which gives information about the object that converts into a barcode. Traditional barcodes represents to differ in widths and spacing’s of parallel lines and introduced as a linear or in one dimensional (1D). You can see 2 D formats by using rectangles, dots and hexagons and other geometric patterns those are called as matrix codes or 2D barcodes. Therefore, this barcode were only scanned by using a specific optical scanner named as barcode readers.

Barcodes are especially used to automate supermarket checkout systems, and followed commonly almost all the supermarkets. However, almost all the tasks are referred to as Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC).

Benefits of using Barcode

  • Barcode gives you detailed information on the business those are:
  • A barcode helps in selling the items very quickly and records automatically.
  • Slow-selling items can be identified and stop listing of each and every item in a detailed manner.
  • It guides and allows in a fast moving and all the profitable items to occupy at the best space.

Barcode Generator

You have to use a CGI form that assists to generate and printable, scan-able barcode in an interleaved 2 of 5, code39, code 128 A, B, or C.

You can generate barcode or URLs by using PNG or JPEG images directly into your documents.

Types of Barcodes


The European Article Numbering System (EAN) is a set of U.P.C. EAN -13 includes 13 numbers.


The Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode that can be used in the retail industry and UPC-A consists of 12 numbers.


The European Article Numbering System (EAN) a set which includes another set of U.P.C. EAN-8 which consists of 8 digits useful for small packages.


QR-Code is well-planned, two- dimensional (2D), here barcode allows MECARD data encodes easily even includes phone numbers and web URLs.



Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF) is a barcode where only numeric barcodes are used to encode pairs of numbers in a high-density barcode format which is the same as code 128 character set C.

Code 39:

Code 39 is easy to use all the alpha-numeric barcodes and is designed to self-check the characters.

Code 128:

Code 128 is an effective and high-density symbology allows encoding the alphanumeric data. Thus, the symbology includes a checksum digit used for the purpose of verification and the barcode may be verified character-by-character and by verifying each data byte.

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